Monday, October 25, 2004

Mitten Obsession....Very Sad

Well, here is a picture of the (almost) completed teddy bear that I had originally planned on giving to my brother until I realized that I have made or bought him the most Christmas presents out of my entire family. I'm beginning to think that I'm making him all these presents because in truth I really just want to knit and I need someone to knit for..... 'Who should I knit this for?' I ask myself.....'DB! He doesn't have any of these' When the fact of the matter is I just wanted to knit....mittens for instance. I'm obsessed with mittens and I'll show you why in a second.

All this bear needs is a couple of eyes, a nose and a lot of stuffing. They really have the cutest buttons (not that I find buttons particularly cute). They have buttons that are shaped like teddy bear noses and the very best part is you don't have to sew them on! They're sort of snap on buttons. It's great. I loath sewing buttons anyway so this really is the best invention.

Now, on to why I'm just a tad bit obsessive with this mitten thing. I really have no idea why but all I want to do is make mittens..... lots and lots of mittens. Is it perhaps that I'm dreading the fact that winter is coming and I can't stand the thought of chilly fingers? Probably not concidering they're not my chilly fingers I'm worried about (I made myself a pair of these mittens a couple years ago!) No, it has nothing to do with that I fear. In fact I think it's something more sinister. I think it's because I'm obsessed with fair isle projects that go quickly. (Perhaps not quickly.... I think it's the illusion of speed because all I do is knit on them. I almost literally don't do anything else.)

Example? I started these mittens on Saturday afternoon. Probably around 4 o'clock. By Sunday afternoon, they looked like this:

Is that a thumb already?!?!? Yes, *sigh* it is. Is this a sickness that I have? I really don't know because I just can't think of a cure to this particular sickness. And the worst part is, my mother has asked me to make a pair for her friend for Christmas and I'm truly excited about it. I dread thinking about when that is over....who do I make mittens for then? (My extended family comes to mind.....hmmm, seventeen of them on one side alone...... I feel mitten burnout coming on....)


Maureen said...

Your mittens are lovely.... I having been knitting thrummed mittens. They are warm and fun to make. I'll have to check out that book.

Lisa said...

That teddy bear is so cute! I need to start knitting toys. And mittens! I haven't even tried mittens yet! Your obsession doesn't seem so bad...