Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Definitely a Tuesday....

Feeling slightly listless at this point. What happened to my wonderful weekend? Why is today feeling like the exact opposite of my weekend? Perhaps it's a couple of different things.

  1. I know that Rhinebeck is only four days away and being anywhere but there is just not where I want to be. (Imagining being around hundreds of kindred fiberholics.....)
  2. Maybe it's because a certain Maine Coon kitten feels it is his duty to sandpaper my face every hour, on the hour, while I'm trying to sleep. And if he can't seem to get to my face (because smothering my face in the pillow seemed like a good way to divert his licking) he would find another body part to lick, for instance, my arms, my fingers, the back of my head, etc. Not only that but he seemed to think my fingers were wonderful playthings, and biting at them was even more fun! He could have been a bit more like his fellow playmate who's taken to sleeping under the covers with me at night. But he actually sleeps! He doesn't try to remove what's left of my face with his tounge!
  3. Perhaps it's because I got a phone call from the director of the Chorale I'm in calling to see if I'd like to be in the Chamber Singers (they are a small choir within the Chorale who do extra concerts for fundraising, etc.) While I was honored to be accepted, I was at the same time seeing my free time slip away.....*sigh* So instead of having to be there at 7:30 tonight I have to be there at 6:30 giving me roughly 15 minutes to change my clothes and eat dinner..... This will be the norm for Tuesdays and who knows on the days when we have extra concerts.

Of course, all of this is not as bad as it seems. The kittens are just going to have to go in another room because I seriously need an entire night's sleep. It doesn't look like the Chamber Singers have too many extra concerts at this point so I might just dodge the bullet there. And Rhinbeck is only four days away! That in itself is exciting enough, compared to it being a month away!

Now news from my knitting world....

I have almost finished my first mitten. It's actually inspiring me to make mittens for everyone. I swear I'm just a madwoman on a knitting rampage! I'm really enjoying this project. I love the way it looks. The absolute best part: Only two ends to sew in!

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