Monday, October 04, 2004

The Dreaded Toe!!!

Here's a closeup on the disaster toe. What do you think? Does it look absolutely horrible? I kind of think it blends in pretty well. Sure it kind of looks slightly 'army' but like I said before, he won't care. He especially won't care when I put a $20 bill in this sock. Then he can go out and buy himself a nice pair of socks that are all one color!
So while I was working on my super secret christmas present last night, my new kitten felt it was his job to interupt me every five seconds because I wasn't paying attention to him. What a catastrophe that I knit and not play with him!!!!! Needless to say there was very little knitting done last night. So.... no new projects to show you.....bummer. I'm assuming here that you realize my super secret christmas present is one that can be finished rather quickly..... So hopefully you'll be seeing something new fairly soon. That is, of course, if my kitten will allow it.

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