Monday, October 04, 2004

The end of the Socks....

Well, the verdict is in. I've finished the socks for my brother. Unfortunately I ran out of yarn. Even after I took them out once. Do you ever get to that point where you want to pull your hair out because what you thought would work didn't? Well, this is where the creative/innovative side of me came out because I absolutely refused to rip out and redo these socks for the third time. What did I do you ask? I simply used some left over yarn from another pair of socks and finished off the toe. Granted this will only be for one of the socks because, again, I refuse to rip. Besides, if my brother wears these like I think he will, the toes will be hidden in his boots anyway. He won't care...... At least I think he won't care. Well, I'll post the picture tonight and you let me know whether it's absolutely dreadful or not.

So I've started my next project but it is super top secret because of Christmas. In fact, most of my upcoming projects are super top secret, but I will try to finish them as soon as possible so I can work on something that everyone can see!

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