Friday, October 22, 2004

Does anyone have a tissue?

You may wonder why I haven't posted for a few days... well, aside from the fact that I have been incredibly busy with all sorts of things (practices, meetup, classes, etc.) I found out yesterday that I have a sinus infection and probably have had it for awhile and didn't know it. This is my first sinus infection ever! Isn't that exciting?!? (Note the sarcasm....) So, needless to say, I haven't been feeling my best. Who knew it wasn't normal to feel like you have a head cold for three to four weeks straight? I was also unaware that I could go through an entire box of tissue in one week. Hmmmm, perhaps that should have been an indication.

I wanted to post pictures of my now-finished mittens (yaayyy!) and perhaps post a picture of my newest project, a teddy bear made out of novelty yarn, but the minute I got home all I wanted to do was go to bed! Thankfully, it is the weekend in, oh let's see, two hours! Plus, I'm so doped up on medicine that I should be feeling well enough to take a few pictures. Not that I like taking all this medicine. I'm the type of person who will live with it until it becomes obvious that I just can't handle it anymore i.e. when I wake up one morning and find that I'm incredibly dizzy and the room is spinning....maybe it's just about time to see the doctor.

On a side note, there is an alpaca show at the fairgrounds this weekend. Depending on how I feel I just might make an appearance. If I don't end up buying anything (HA! like that's gonna happen!), at least I get to see the alpacas and listen to them make they're noises. My friend discribed it as 'the noise that ET makes' Well, I just might be surrounded by hundreds of ET's this weekend, we'll have to see.

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Anonymous said...

Hi.. saw on another site you were from the Syracuse area.. me too! I was AT the alpaca show you were talking about.. and hey, if you ever run out of someone to knit those absolutely gorgeous mittens for.. I'm waving my hand, and shouting ::pick me, pick me!:: I'll even give you the alpaca yarn to make them from!!