Thursday, October 28, 2004

I'm loving the USPS

I'll be the first to tell you I'm not one to write two posts in one day. It's an overload on my blog-writing abilities. Too much of it might suck my creative juices dry and then where would we be? However, something arrived in the mail today that I just had to show you!
This was waiting for me when I walked in the door....

I know that this is almost too exciting for words. An unopened box of yarn! Yes, my order from has come! I have to say that I am truly shocked at how quickly it got here. I ordered it on Monday! The USPS can work miracles! Now imagine this, my mom called me at work to tell me that it was here. Oh lord, how was I supposed to get any work done now? Just knowing that fibery goodness was waiting for me at home was enough to make my brain go numb. So I had to work through about three hours with thoughts of angora running through my mind. And then there was the half hour drive home. I kept my lead foot in check the entire way, though it was itching to slam the accelerator down to the floor. Screw the cop that catches me, you don't mess with a fiberholic when there's new yarn at home!
So I've kept you in suspence long enough....

My angora!!!!!!

Isn't it great? Ok, so maybe the color is borderline sixty's seafoam and I would never wear it out in public, but you have to admit that it's great. It will be lining many mittens (go figure) so I didn't exactly care about the color. (sidenote: green is my favorite color..... just not this green)

This will probably be my last yarn purchase for awhile. I have a stash that is threatening to take over my closet and it must be dealt with. I have to show it who's boss, if I don't it will just walk all over me!


Knittens said...

Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I always love getting yarn packages in the mail!!!! Especially angora yarn packages :) Your FO are beautiful!

Kimberly said...

I love getting my packages too!

Elann is so tempting.

Have fun with your angora!

um said...

while, of course, i've been in love with orange for years, i have to say that the color of your angora is gorgeous!! i like that it's going to be a mitten lining - kind of like a sweet surprise waiting inside each mitten. it's so pretty!

like knittens up there, i love your fo's as well! the grey cardigan with silver buttons is gorgeous. you're an awesome knitter!

thanks for stopping by my blog! :)