Monday, October 11, 2004

Fall Weekends...Very Productive

Fall is finally here. This weekend was absolutely amazing! It was chilly enough that I just wanted to curl up, wrap myself in blankets with a nice cup of spiced apple cider and knit. Doesn't that sound fall-y? When winter comes the only thing that will change about that description is it will be hot cocoa instead of spiced apple cider and I'll probably add "and be sitting by the fire." Ahhhh.... so cozy. I was so taken by the fall feeling that I just felt compelled to take a picture of my front yard and show you just how fall it was:

Ok, so maybe the picture isn't exactly conveying the sense of fall that I got this weekend but you can see that the leaves are just starting to change.

Something else made this weekend absolutely wonderful and that was this Saturday's knitting meetup. I absolutely loved it. These ladies that I knit with (including my mom!) are so fabulous. They are so motivating because it's always motivating to be with people who are enthusiastic about the same things you're enthusiastic about. I left smiling... that's always a good way to leave.

I was very close to finishing my Hallowig at the meetup (I finished SSCP on friday night!) but ended up finishing it on Saturday afternoon when I got home.

Isn't it fun? I tried it on and I look totally goofy in it but, hey, it's for halloween. You're supposed to look goofy aren't you? You know what the funniest part is? I don't even have a halloween party to wear it to! I just made it because it's fun! And on to the next project! I started the fairisle mittens for a relative of mine. (I actually don't know who they're going to be for because my dad's side of the family draws names as to who gets what and I haven't got a clue who's name I have because I wasn't there last year. My parents drew for me and now the list that they wrote who drew who is mysteriously missing) Solution? Make them for a woman's size and switch with someone in my family if I ended up drawing one of my uncles!

I love these patterns because they go really fast and they look incredibly intricate. I took this picture last night before I watched a movie. After the movie I had this one finished down to the thumb! It's great. I'm making it out of some alpaca I found in my stash! I actually have enough to make two pairs and I'm beginning to want a pair like this for myself! Does that ever happen to you? Do you ever make a present and while you're working on it you discover that you really love it and want one for yourself?

Ok so here I feel obligated to write a little something about the kittens because I know I haven't bored you enough with them! If you aren't interested in reading about them, now is the time for you to stop reading! So we've put the kittens together. Where you ask? Oh, where else but in my bedroom? Have you ever tried sleeping when two kittens are jumping around playing with each other? Not only are they playing with each other but the lump they keep jumping on and over is your tired body hidden under covers? And they really find it exciting when that lump moves just a little bit.... it's just another thing to pounce on! During the day this is really cute... at night when I'm trying to sleep.... not so cute. At times they are calm, these are good times. Really adorable times too. I was sitting knitting (can't believe they actually let me knit without attacking my yarn!) and Ramses had one of his little paws over Pippin while they were sleeping next to each other! So cute. It was like they were spooning.... little baby kitty spooning! Unfortunately my camera was over on my desk and I couldn't get it without disturbing them! So instead I will give you this picture where they are enjoying sleeping around my legs while I was knitting.
Notice the Red Heart... I believe I was just about to finish the Hallowig!

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