Wednesday, October 06, 2004


So I joined the hallowig knit along. I'm quite excited because I have a really good idea for it that I'm fairly excited about! I'll probably go out and buy the materials for it tonight (that does not necessarily mean I'll be starting it tonight!) I still have to finish super secret christmas present number 1! I would just like to say I'm sorry about keeping you in suspense but I just can't post it.

Last night at chorale practice (did I mention I was in a chorale?) I brought along my super secret christmas project and I must say it generated a lot of interest. Everyone wanted to know what I was knitting, which I gladly told them (they don't know who the super secret project is for so they won't tell that person..... I'm always thinking you know!...) What suprised me was that most of the people who were interested were women who were much older than me and none of them knew or indicated knowing how to knit. Very interesting. I suppose that puts to rest the old idea that knitters are, well, old. There are knitters of all ages...and sexes I might add... so the next time someone comes up to me and says aren't you too young to be knitting? Isn't that granny? I can point out how very wrong they are.

I did however, have a girl who was around my age ask me if I was crocheting?........ Hmmm...... that does a little something to my theory there doesn't it?

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