Thursday, October 28, 2004

All Things Trivial

So I've finished one of the mittens for my brother. I contribute this solely to the fact that I went to trivia night on Monday at a cafe close to where my brother lives. It's quite an interesting group that goes to trivia night. One group's name was 'The Zillionaires' mostly made up of Dungeons and Dragons players, probably still in there teens or early twenties, desperately trying to grow facial hair. Nothing wrong with that, mind you, I'm simply describing how they appeared to me. Then there was 'The Unusual Suspects', diehard trivia night fans as evident by the fact that one of them had been in the hospital the week before but that wasn't going to stop him from coming. Apparently they win almost every night. And because my brother and his friends really like to hear the host of trivia night say it, our wonderful name was 'Would You Please Stop Touching Me.' Very creative.

Well, trivia night lasted for several hours and while that was going on I worked on his mittens. Bringing these mittens actually turned out to be a very good thing because I was able to have DB try them on. Apparently DB's hands are quite a bit bigger than the author of this book thought mens hands were. I had to add about five or six more rows to the length. Had I not brought them I can just picture it on Christmas day, he tries them on..... and they're about an inch or two short. Thanks for all the hard work, sis, but these just don't fit.

But this....

will fit just fine.

Sorry for this picture being so dark. I even brightened it before I uploaded it! When both of them are finished I promise I'll post a brighter picture.

So I discovered the best website there is for discount yarn.
Oh it's fabulous. Not that I need any yarn right now but I did need angora for these mittens. I found the best price for angora that I've ever seen just about anywhere! And I, like a child on christmas day, will rip into that package when it arrives!

I will leave you with a trivia question that was asked on Monday night. It will be answered in a following post. If you think you know the answer post a comment!

What was Jimmy Hoffa's middle name?

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um said...

i don't know the answer, but i love the mitten! it is just gorgeous!