Monday, November 15, 2004

Weekend Activities

This weekend didn't exactly turn out how I had planned, but I really don't have anything to complain about. Saturday I went to the coffeeshop to knit with my meetup ladies. Ahhh, I love that. We had a really great time. I finished the mitten linings while I was there. So I've turned out yet another pair of mittens. (I'm thinking that's all for awhile, though I could be completely wrong, who knows? I may find someone else who's just dying for a pair!) I'll have pictures for you soon.
I went home and was waiting for the people who I was going to go to the concert with to call, but they never did. To be perfectly honest, I'm not at all disappointed. In fact, I'm sort of glad they didn't call. I really wasn't in the mood to drive all the way down there and back that night. What I really wanted to do was sit and knit. (Plus my allergies were getting me down so I wasn't feeling up for it that way either) So I sat and watched movies and knit (of course). I started the front of the Debbie Bliss sweater I was working on. I'm about halfway through with that. I love how quickly it goes. I really can't believe it. I wonder if I'm going to have a hard time going back to sweaters on normal needle sizes. I think I might resent the fact that after working on them for several hours they only grow a couple of centimeters. I know that's how it's gonna be on my mom's sweater which I may start soon. It's on size 3's. Am I crazy?!?!? Yeah, crazy for going from an 11 to a 3. That would pretty much send anyone to the looney bin.
Sunday was actually great too. I went to see the new Bridget Jones movie. Seriously funny. If you liked the first one you'll love the second one. It was campy in parts, but that just made it better. There were also a lot of really good previews for new movies. Isn't it bad when you're watching previews and you want to see the preview more than the movie you actually went to see? Or you forget which movie you went to see because there were so many previews? Yeah, that's about what it was like yesterday.
It looks like I'm going down to Binghamton tonight. My brother wants us to go down for another one of those trivia nights he goes to. Should be fun. We'll see if I can answer any questions this time!
I promise I'll upload some pictures soon! I would hate for you all to get bored cause there's nothing to look at!


Lisa said...

Thanks for the recommendation for the Bridget Jones movie. I was wondering how it would be.

I enjoyed reading your post, even without pictures. :)

Knittens said...

Oh I just absolutely love Bridget Jones. I am not afraid to admit that I own the movie and watch it A LOT. I've also read the book too many times to count (as well as the newer book!) DH won't go see it with me because he says it got bad reviews. Of course it did! They are all male critics with their ties on too tight.

Have fun in Binghamton. My father-in-law goes to those trivia night things all the time. He actually has a group that goes together. Maybe you'll see him there!

Lauren said...

Hi ErLeCa! Thanks for the review of Bridget Jones. I hope to see it soon... Colin Firth... mmmm :)

Have fun with trivia!