Wednesday, November 17, 2004

I'm Not Jinxed!

I broke the curse! I said I was going to chorale and I went! Though I have to admit I almost didn't go. My allergies were terrible yesterday. If you've never experience allergies where you can't breath all day long and you end up using about 50 tissues in the course of 8 hours, well, you're one lucky person. I kid you not, my tissue box was almost full when I started work yesterday and now it's half empty! I won't get into details because basically it's gross and none of you want to hear about it. Ok, so I can't resist, if I didn't have those tissues I'd probably look like this.

I have to admit when I almost decided to not go last night I thought "but now the blogging jinx will really come true!" I realize that there is no such thing as a blogging jinx and the fact that I was motivated to go because I thought that if I didn't I would just be perpetuating a blogging jinx that won't go away, is, well, let's face it.... ridiculous and not a little humorous. So if you can imagine, there I was singing, completely stuffed up and probably sounding quite horrible all because I was stubborn and wanted to get rid of a make-believe jinx. I'm sure my over-abundant sense of responsibility had something to do with it as well but I choose not to take that into account at this point.

My stubbornness is partially responsible for me feeling as horrid I did yesterday. I kept convincing myself that these allergies will go away. 'I'll feel better tomorrow' was a common re-occuring thought. I kept thinking that after the frost comes I'll feel better. Hmmm, let's think back, it's snowed already, I'd say that's a hard frost. Well, it's time to face reality sweetheart. It's time for me to say to myself "Erin, you have a problem. Maybe you should get your stubborn butt into the allergist's so you can finally breath again." So I broke down yesterday and called them. I'm dreading the skin test, but what has be done, has to be done. I'm a big girl, I can take it! And you better believe I'll be sitting in that office knitting because who knows how long I'm going to have to be there for!

On a lighter and much happier note, next week is Thanksgiving! I only have a three day work week! I'm trying to decide which I'm most happy about: Stuffing my face with Thanksgiving goodness, or having a four-day weekend.... hmmm, that's a tough one.


Lauren said...

I really hope the allergies get better... I have not made that step to go to the allergist yet... I am afraid of the shots! Good luck to you though.

That picture made me laugh out loud--at work! oh well, tomorrow is my last day!

Feel better :)

amy said...

hi! it is amy from good to be girl, i just found your blog today!

i just wanted to say that i went to the allergist last week. i don't have allergies really, i just got hives from something and they wanted to make sure it wasn't the penacillin i was on. anyways, it was such a piece of cake!! they don't even scratch your skin anymore, just take this little plastic thing and put it on your skin, i didn't feel anything at all and i am a wuss! unfortunately for me, because i didn't react to any of it they decided to do the sub-dermal testing where they give you a small shot of it. that was a little worse, but still not bad. the thing seems to be, the less you are allergic, the more you have to go through to prove you aren't allergic. it is odd.

anyways, good luck! i hope they give something to relieve your symptoms. and you do have to sit and wait while they are waiting for reactions so definately bring your knitting!


Maureen said...

Sorry to hear you have not been feeling well.I hope the allergist gets to the root of the problem. Good luck with that. Have a Happy Thanksgiving. Oh...I wanted to tell you I just bout the Magnificent Mittens on Ebay tonight. Can't wait...

um said...

hi there! hope you're feeling better soon and that the carpet cleaning helps. i never heard of the blogging jinx, but i'll avoid saying posting about fun things until they're done, just in case!