Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Thanks for the laugh!

I know exactly what you're thinking...

'Wait a minute, didn't you post just the first one on your last blog entry?'

Why yes, yes I did.

'How is it that you can finish two mittens in a week?'

Funny you should ask. I never would have been able to do it without a interesting little power outage we had today. So there I was, minding my own business, doing my work when my computer, the lights and everything else turned off. Guess how long the power was out for? Oh, just about four hours.....did anyone tell us we could go home? Nope. So after my coworker and I finished all the filing there was to do we sat in our office and the dark....while the building became increasingly colder from lack of electricity to run the heater. Ah, you gotta love the company I work for. They'd rather pay us for sitting on our asses, doing nothing that benefits them in the off chance that the power just might come back on in time for us to do some work than send us home and not pay us..... Hmmm, it says something about their budgeting department doesn't it? Oh yeah, I forgot we don't have a budgeting department! (Can you tell I would have rather gone home today?)

Anyway, there you have it, two finished mittens. Ok, so they're not finished, they don't have linings, they haven't been blocked and the ends haven't been woven in, but they're mostly finished. (I was going to make a stupid Princess Bride reference here about 'dead' and 'mostly dead' but I'll spare you!)

So I read the funniest description of my mittens today. Michelle posted a comment that said my mittens remind her of little cakes. Mitten cakes to be exact. They look so good you could eat 'em. I almost peed my pants. Seriously, I haven't got a clue as to why I found this to be so amusing, but I really did. Even thinking about it now makes me laugh. Mitten cakes......teeheee..... I know I'm going to be that person who starts laughing about it because it popped into my mind at a completely inappropriate time. Does that ever happen to you? You think of something that made you laugh hours, days, maybe weeks before and it makes you laugh again? (And inevitably the people who are around you give you looks because they think you're insane for laughing at nothing in particular!) Oh yeah, that'll be me!

Mitten cakes..........HA!


Lauren said...

Lovely work! I am completely in awe... I don't think I could ever do that! I have hard enough time with size 10 dpns! Beautiful! :)

Knittens said...

The mitten cakes are fabulous, darling! I can't believe you finished them!

I totally know what you mean about laughing alone at inappropraite times... I do it all the time, especially when there are pleanty of people around to look at me like I'm nuts :)

Lisa said...

Look at those mittens! They do look delicious. You are so quick. I'm in awe. I like how the thumb blends right into the mitten, and I like the little kitty head peeking out in the corner. :)

um said...

you could post the mittens' glamshot on each and every post and i'd still come every day and visit. i love 'em!

glad i could provide a chuckle :p

Katy said...

Thank goodness you had your knitting with you! I always seem to forget mine on the day that I would actually have time to work on a project, sigh.
The mittens look great.