Thursday, November 04, 2004

The Tale of the Eventful Day

Today has been....eventful. That would definitely be the word to describe it. It seems I can now add another thing to the list of stupid things I've done. It's a really good one too, even the doctor laughed about it. Yes, before you ask, it did involve a trip to the doctors office. This morning I was opening a can of cat food......(this pause is to allow you to imagine all the things one can do with a can of cat food which later involves a doctor) my hand slipped and I cut my finger on the metal disc of death. Why do they even make lids like that? I swear they are a hazard and they should be outlawed!

Anyway, this oh so smart thing happened at around 7 in the morning..... four hours, three stitches and one tetanus shot later, I am a new woman.......with an incredibly huge bandage wrapped not only around the offending finger, but also around the wrist which only accentuates my clumsy mistake. But I'm not bitter. Things like this happen right? I only wish it could have been a bit more glamorous, for instance, my incredibly wonderful (yet, sadly imaginary) boyfriend decided to propose and when he was trying to slip the ring on my finger unfortunately it was a size too small so in his zeal to try to make the ring fit, the incredibly huge diamond cut my finger....the cut's on my pinkie, it's possible! No, no, instead when I relate the story it has to be.....I cut my finger on a can of cat food.... It's alright to laugh, I do! Seriously, you have to laugh about things like this!

So, as you can imagine knitting is somewhat off a challenge! However, I did finish the back of my sweater!

That surely brightened my mood, even if it was incredibly awkward to hold the needles and yarn with this huge mass of a bandaged finger! I imagine watching this sort of thing must be awfully funny. My pinkie is stuck in this permanent position of sheer snobbery (imagine holding a tea cup with the pinkie lifted.....yep, that's how it looks) And trying to negotiate the needle around the yarn and vice versa was something of a challenge..... So what did I do?

I started another pair of mittens of course!

Remember me saying my mom wanted me to make a pair for her friend for Christmas? Well, here's the beginning of that. She finally got around to buying the yarn so, sadly, I have to put down my "heaven in a skein" project to work on some mittens....actually it's not that sad, it just means I get to go back to my dreamy yarn once I'm finished with these mittens. (And as you all know, I love mittens so really, there's nothing to be sad about!)

And with that I leave you and hope your day was less *eventful* than mine.


Lisa said...

Ouch. Sorry to hear about the cat food can. Those lids are sharp!

Your sweater is so pretty. I love the lattice pattern. You're such a fast knitter, even with a hurt finger!

Thanks for your comment today. It made me LOL. Copy away! That's why I posted it. :)

um said...

you poor thing! sorry about the 7 a.m. event. what a way to start the day! i'm happy to see it didn't deter your knitting! i'm excited to see another mitten taking shape. they're so gorgeous! you're an awesome knitter!

Knittens said...

You know what, I have totally done that - more than once. Thank goodness my cats decided to boycott the canned cat food I was giving them - now they only like Natures Choice (something like that)... the best part is, its in a pouch!!!!!! Oh, sweet sweet kitties - looking out for my health!

I love the sweater, great progress! And I am so impressed with the mitten. That is another thing I am intimidated by, and would really love to try!

Have a great weekend!

Susan said...

Hi Erin - We missed you at Nancy's this morning. Sorry to hear about your finger. Hope your cat appreciates the sacrifice! Love the new sweater you are working on. You have inspired me to start my own blog - my birthday is tomorrow and I thought it would be an appropriate time to start one. I'm figuring out how to set it up by trial and error, mostly error. It's called "The Mother of Reinvention". I want to have lists on the right side as you do but can't figure that one out yet. Hope to see you next Saturday! Have a great weekend. - Susan H-K