Friday, November 12, 2004

No knitting here....

Let me apologize in advance that there are no pictures in this post. Call me a slacker, call me what you will, but I just don't think you all want to see the makings of mitten linings.....again..... So instead, I will talk about my last couple of days. Mainly they were spent sitting on the couch, watching my favorite TV shows of which I only have two. LOSTand Survivor. Apparently I like shows on islands. Who knew? Anyway, I was never a big Survivor fan, but like all reality shows, there you are, minding your own business, flipping through channels and nothing good is on so you think, why not, there's nothing better on. You didn't intend to watch it, but now that you have, you're just sunk. They've hooked you and now they're reeling you in. Damn television producers and their reality TV. LOST is my other favorite show. I feel like I've talked about it already so I won't get into it now.

Something interesting happened to me on the way to work the other day. I was driving along and wasn't really paying any attention to the cars in front of me until I looked at the license plate of one of them. You know what it said? GOT2KNIT. Now I was both ecstatic and disappointed at the same time. Ecstatic because it was really cool to see a license plate like that and disappointed because now that one is taken. What was really funny was when I looked into the car to see if it was anyone I knew. I can most assuredly say no. It was an old guy, who may or may not knit. I really don't know, but it wasn't what I was expecting to see.

My weekend is pretty full. Tomorrow morning I'm going to the knitting meetup with all of those ladies (can't wait because I missed last weekend) . Tomorrow night I am going down to Binghamton to see an acapella group sing. I know one of the guys in it from high school. He was in 8th grade when I was a senior! So now he's singing in this group at his college and me and his parents are going down to see their concert. How do I know his parents you ask. Well, for one, I live in a really small town and everyone knows everyone, and two, they're in the chorale that I sing in and we carpool, so last Tuesday they asked me if I wanted to go with them to this concert. It sounds like it'll be fun and besides, I'm not doing anything else Saturday night.
The rest of the weekend will be spent cleaning because I finally can't handle these indoor allergies I have so I will be cleaning like a maniac. Hope it works..... there's no way I'm getting rid of my pets!


Knittens said...

DH and I watch a lot of survivor and lost as well. I'm not super duper into survivor (ok i'm totally hooked) but i absolutely love lost!

its so much fun to hear what you are up to in NY. My DH is from Johnson City (binghamton). Weve spent many days in syracuse, itaca, etc.

i hope you have a great weekend!

Lauren said...

Hi! I am a Lost and Survivor junkie too (they are like little guilty pleasures) Survivor has not been very good this time, but I still watch... tradition I guess!

I hope you have a lovely weekend--looks like it will be busy :)

Take care

um said...

there's just something about reality shows . . . i'm hooked as well. i hope you had a good time at the concert. (and i wouldn't have minded a pic of the mitten linings, but i'm a little obsessed, so . . .)