Monday, November 08, 2004


Just a quick update for you. Thank you to everyone concerning my finger. It's doing well, doesn't hurt (thank god!) I don't really like to look at it though. I don't think you've ever seen anyone change a bandaid as fast as I do!

Not a lot of knitting went on this weekend because I drove about three and a half hours out to Albany (Lake George to be specific) for a wedding reception. One of my roommate's from college got married..... I can't believe it. Anyway, I had an excellent time. It really was just one big college reunion. Me and two of my other roommates drove out there. We met up with a ton of other people we knew in college which was fabulous. I can tell you, I was hurting the next day, not because of drinking mind you (I only had three drinks in 6 or 7 hours) but because I danced so much! I'm telling you they had the best band I've ever seen at a wedding. They didn't play any cheezy music, just oldies but goodies and even a couple of newer songs. It was great. While they were taking their brakes they used their little iPod to play some great dance songs. The photographers were great too. I only know this because they went around taking a bunch of candid shots of everyone talking, or dancing, etc with their excellent digital cameras then put them up on a screen in a slide show. It was so awesome. I'm telling you that's exactly what I want for my wedding (which won't be anytime soon seeing as how I'm not with anyone!).

All-in-all I had an excellent time. It really made me miss the times I shared with all of my friends from college. We spent most of the evening remenicing (did I spell that right?) of all the things that went on at school, the good and the bad! It was bittersweet. But, I'm not sad, I have new memories to make!

I'll probably post a couple of pictures (not wedding reception pictures but general knitting, etc pictures) tonight, so stay tuned!


Knittens said...

It sounds like you had a great time! Friends weddings are so different than family weddings - though the only "friend" wedding i have been to has been my own!

I cant wait to see pictures tonight! And, I'm glad your fingie is feeling better!

um said...

college memories bring a big smile to my face - i know just how you feel about them being bittersweet! i'm glad your finger is better. your sentence about the bandaid made my stomach turn! hope it continues to mend for you!