Monday, November 08, 2004


When I woke up this morning I found a surprise waiting for me outside. Yep, that's snow..... It's begun. I drove through two lake effect bands on my way to work. *sigh* I don't like driving through it, but I do like snow. This really wasn't anything more than a dusting, but it definitely was pretty to watch it come down.

So I'm almost finished with the first mitten. I decided to go for a plain look on the band. It's just k1, p1 rib and I think I'm going to put a stripe in it. I really wasn't feeling the more fancy cuffs.

Sorry this post isn't more exciting. I'm still pretty worn out from the weekend!


Knittens said...

I LOVE SNOW! That is so exciting! I agree, it stinks to drive through it, but it is so gorgeous!

Your mitten is beautiful. I can just imagine the cuff, and I'm sure its going to look great!

Lisa said...

Happy snow! I'm so envious. My DH and I just picked up XC skiing at the end of last season, so we're waiting for a big snow... either here or within a reasonable driving distance. :)

Snow is good because it makes people appreciate your knitting more. :)

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to start mittens!! Will you be at the Saturday Morning Meet Up? I love your mittens! Mittens Mittens Mittens!!! I am almost done with the Flower Basket Shawl I will bring it Saturday. Beth (big geek)

um said...

oh, hooray!!! more mittens. i just adore your mittens! seriously, they look like little cakes. is that weird?

my favorite part of a snowfall is to see it lying on the branches of trees after it's done falling. it's so graceful looking. i'm like you, though - i detest driving in it. i used to be a teacher, and i loved it when it snowed - we had off! woohoo!

have fun with your mittens! i can't wait to see more pics!!!

Lauren said...

Oh, pretty snow. Can't wait till we get it down here! :) It feels cold enough!

Thanks for the pretty pics!