Friday, May 27, 2005

Well, here it is folks. All finished. (Except of course for weaving in ends... we won't go there)

There are a couple things about this sweater that I wasn't expecting. For instance, I wasn't expecting the collar to be quite as tight as it is. Once I put it on it's fine. It's the getting it over my head and past my ears part that can be a bit tricky. Though I have a feeling after some good blocking and use we won't have a big problem there.

I also wasn't expecting the fairisle pattern to be so high across the chest, but again, I really don't think that that's too terrible because it still looks good.

Lastly, I wasn't expect to finish this sweater in a month and a half. Seriously, it was on size 3 needles. How did I do that? (I'm thinking hours of train rides in England had a bit to do with it).

So now I have a problem...I feel... projectless. It's sad really. I haven't the faintest clue what to start next. I could always go back and finish up a couple of projects that have, let's say, been put aside for creative differences, but I'm not excited about those things. And the worst part is, I'm going to be on a plane this afternoon with nothing to knit on. Blasphemy!!!

Why am I going to be on a plane you ask? Well, D & I are flying down to Virginia to visit a roommate of mine from college over the long weekend. In fact, two roommates from college live down there and we're all getting together. I'm so excited to not only see two of my best friends, but I get to introduce them to D! Oh, and I believe I mentioned in an earlier post that we were planning on spending a day at an amusement park! I haven't been on a roller coaster in years! To say that I'm excited would be a supreme understatement.

And the weather is supposed to be gorgeous. Oh Capri pants and flip-flops, how I have missed thee!

Ok, before I start spouting an ode to my summer clothes, I'd better finish up this post. Hope everyone has an excellent Memorial Day weekend!

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