Monday, May 23, 2005

The Relatively Uneventful Weekend

I can't say I was a knitting fool, or a spinning fool this weekend. Mostly because I wasn't home almost all weekend. D and I drove out to Rochester for the Lilac Festival which we didn't even end up going to. We did however see the new Star Wars movies at a theater there. D even made sure was saw the digital presentation with the stadium seating. You have not seen a movie until you've seen it with a digital projector. The best part was when the preview screen came on and your heard everyone in the audience do a collective "ooo-ah".

Anyway, Sunday I had another concert (the last one for the season, woohoo!) which lasted a lot longer than I thought it would. That didn't leave a lot of time for knitting or spinning this weekend. However, I did get a little bit done on the sweater. I blocked everything and sewed the steeks for the sleeves and then.... gulp....

cut it... It turned out fine, no run away stitches or anything. Really not as scary as it seems, though everything in my knitterly brain was screaming, "Cut knitting?!?!? Are you crazy?!?!?!" I just push that aside and did it. I ended up seaming the shoulders together and knitting the collar, but that's as far as I got this weekend.

Did I ever tell you how much I love fairisle when it's blocked? It just looks so clean, if that makes any sense at all.

I also knit a little bit on the clapotis scarf that I've been working on. Mainly because sewing up a sweater in the car is not really something I like doing very much. Knitting's fine, sewing up requires a little more attention on my part.

I promise, it looks much better than this picture is making it seem.

Speaking of really crappy photos, how about this one:

I tried, but it really wasn't photographing well. Erica, out of the goodness of her heart, sent me this bag of Corridale fiber to spin! I couldn't even believe it. I'm telling you, the generosity of the knitters and spinners I've met through blogging never ceases to amaze me! Thanks Erica! You're a real sweetheart!

And because the weather is supposed to be pretty craptastic for the rest of the week, here's a picture from one of my gardens on a nice day, just to cheer me up.

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