Monday, May 09, 2005

The England (and a little bit of France) Sweater

As promised, I finally get to show you what I worked on while in England. I am shocked at how far I actually got on this sweater, but I suppose when you spend roughly four hours on a train everyday you get a lot done. This is how far I was when we went to Edinburgh.

I only know that because this picture was taken in the hotel that we stayed in.
From there it was just a matter of a train ride or two before I got this far...

The harlot is completely on when she says that fair-isle works up faster than plain stockinette. It's freaky how quickly I finished that part. And the sad thing was it was the most interesting part in this entire sweater! On another note, I was afraid that the abundance of red and green would make it look a bit too Christmas-y but I think I won't have a problem because the sleeves are blue.

Speaking of sleeves... By the time I got home I had a whole sleeve and a bit of the second one finished

when I noticed I didn't have enough green to finish the cuff. At this point I did what any self respecting knitter would do and headed to the LYS to get one more skein. At least, that's what I had planned to do. Unfortunately, they didn't have anymore and I've been informed that it is a discontinued color. A color that has been discontinued for a very long time. 'Grrrr' would be the word that came to mind at that point.
Solution? Rip the first sleeve out and decrease the number of stitches used for the cuff. They are actually bell-sleeve cuffs so this was feasible but really, it just makes you want to cry when a sleeve that you had finished is reduced to this...

How do you cheer yourself up after a catastrophic event that? I could only think of one thing. Stash enhancement...

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