Sunday, May 01, 2005

Day two...or three... by now I can't remember

I tell you the days from the trip seem to be bleeding together. I can remember everything that happened, however, dates didn't mean much to me while we were there. Do vacations ever do that to you? You completely forget the date or even the day it happens to be because it isn't imperative that you know the day. That happened quite a bit to me.

So somewhere along the way in relatively chronological order we went to Warwick. Warwick has an extremely interesting castle there.

This was the first castle I've ever seen and rightly I was extremely impressed. However, it didn't feel very authentic because they had turned it into a tourist attraction by making it into a sort of Renaissance Fair with archer and jousts, etc. Also, it really threw you for a loop because the family that owned this castle kept it all through the Victorian period so there are rooms in the castle decorated in 19th and 20th century styles. I suppose I was expecting medieval decoration....

You'll never guess what else we saw in Warwick...

That's right. A yarn shop. We just stumbled upon it. To say that they had a good size selection would be something of an understatement. They had yarn in bags from the floor to the ceiling (and it wasn't a low ceiling either!) I was so overwhelmed with the selection that I didn't even end up getting anything. Shocking, I know.

There were also really cute streets there.

Why I'm showing you pictures of streets, I'll never know, but really, they intrigued me.

I think that same day we took the train to Stratford upon Avon (again, the days running together thing is going on). Stratford upon Avon is where Shakespeare was born and is buried. In fact, he was born in this house...

We didn't stay very long in Stratford only because we had already spent half the day in Warwick.

More to come and hopefully a couple of days at a time. After all I want to show you how much I knit on all these train rides!

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