Monday, May 02, 2005

York and Edinburgh

We went to York on our way to Edinburgh, Scotland and it was one of the nicer towns we visited. I believe it was a Sunday and the only reason I knew that was because this was closed...

That's right, another yarn shop and I couldn't even go in. That was slightly upsetting because, judging by the window, they had some very nice yarns...

Tell me it doesn't look like I'd find something that I'd like in that shop? Even so, York was nice. We went to a "Craft Fair of Quality" I found it quite funny that they had to empasize the fact that it was of "quality" as opposed to what? Quantity?

"You know, we have a lot of stuff, but it's all crap, what you want is a craft fair of quality..."

For some reason though, I really enjoyed the craft fair and I think it's because it reminded me of home. It had the exact same feel as a craft fair here. I have to warn you I became slightly homesick about halfway through this trip. I can't say I'm all that surprised, after all D was home...

Anyway, we made our way to Edinburgh that afternoon. We had booked a hotel there so we could tour around Edinburgh the next day. A litte back story here, a friend of mine from high school has been in Edinburgh for the past two years on a sort of work abroad program. I had sent her an e-mail telling her where and when we'd be there, hoping that we'd possibly have a chance to get together. I had to leave it to chance after that because we didn't have an internet connection and I didn't have her phone number so the only contact that really could be made was if she called me at the hotel when we were there.

I didn't hear from her that night and I wasn't totally surprise because we didn't get a chance to really plan anything, but the next morning I got a phone call! We decided to meet around 1pm and spend the afternoon together. How much fun is that?

So that morning my parents and I did a little sightseeing at Edinburgh Castle....

(I'm telling you you're going to be sick of all the castles I'm going to show you!) Another great historical castle by the way. In fact, I'm really interested in reading up on Scottish history now that I've seen that castle.

After that we went to meet up with Kirsten. I had the best day with her. We walked all over Edniburgh it seems and she showed me where she works...Fettes College. She's teaching English there. Tell me it doesn't look like something straight out of Harry Potter? According to K, Rowling based Hogwarts on Fettes. After walking around it, I'm completely not surprised. She also said that Rowling used to write in some of the cafes around Edinburgh. Again, it's easy to see what inspired Rowling. It's hard not to get a very gothic and somewhat mystical feel when you're in Edinburgh.

Meeting up with Kirsten was by far the highlight of my trip.

In fact, I would have loved staying in Edinburgh, but other places were on the agenda so we had to get going.

Up next, Paris and why I no longer have any desire to return there.

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