Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Excuses, excuses...

Seriously, just call me the worst blogger in the world. I go from blogging three or four times a week, with pictures I might add, to barely once a week! What's wrong with me???? A few things come to mind...

1. The tree that fell in the driveway also knocked the telephone pole, but before the phone people could fix it we had to get the electrical people to fix the pole because obviously the telephone people aren't responsible for the 'telephone' pole. I realize, this technically isn't something that's wrong with me, just something that's wrong with my situation. So this leaves me the only option I have left which is to blog at work. And at work my horredously outdated Windows98 crap-machine doesn't allow for uploading pictures.

2. I spend two hours a day, four days a week, making it a grand total of 8 hours (though I'm pretty sure it's more than this) in my car, just commuting to school. That's at least 8 hours of good blogging time wasted. And might I add, this doesn't exactly do wonders to my butt which falls asleep quite regularly now during said 8 hours.

3. There are only 81 days (if I counted correctly) left until Christmas. Sure it seems like a long time, but when I factor in the driving, the work, the homework and the sleeping, I rarely even have time to knit the Christmas presents I have planned, let alone blog about them!

4. It's October 5th. It's 81 degrees out. It's sunny and freakin' gorgeous. Though inherently I know something is entirely wrong and strange about this weather, I can't help but want to take advantage of it on what little free time I have, therefore, blogging goes by the wayside while I try to take in the last of the warm weather before the snow comes. Again, not so much a personal problem but a situational one.

So those are my excuses, I hope you can forgive me. I promise I will be doing some blogging with pictures soon!

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