Tuesday, October 18, 2005

I need what?!?!?!

So... was Rhinebeck awesome? Heck yeah! In a very unexpected turn of events, Jill and Elizabeth joined my mom and I on our fiber expedition. We had a great time going out there together. They definitely made the trip lively! Except, of course, on the way home when everyone started falling asleep in the back seat! Apparently an overload of fibery goodness can do that to a person!

I was very good this year. Last year, after Rhinebeck was over, I swore that I would save up a ton of money for this year and just blow it all on fiber. Unfortunately situations have changed somewhat (ie. school, car payment, saving for an apartment, etc) and I didn't come anywhere close to spending as much as I wanted to. I promised myself I'd only spend about $40 on fiber and you know what? I did! Talk about willpower though! Every single vendor was doing it's best to persuade me to fall, but I didn't. I bought all my fiber almost exclusively from the Sheep Shed. This is mainly because they're what started me spinning in the first place when I went to Rhinebeck last year. However, I am a horrible blogger because I have to wait until Thursday to show you pictures of what I got! So, instead of going into detail about the awesome stuff I got, I'm just going to wait to show you on Thursday.

But I will leave you with that meme that's been going around. You know the one. Where you google "your name" needs... Enjoy!

Erin needs to understand that people don't like to see a pretty white girl with rap talent that would run circles around sir mix a lot.
I don't think anyone should be telling me to dash my hopes and dreams, especially when I can be as great as Sir Mix A Lot.

Erin needs to earn $15000, fast.
Oh dear, this one's true, but I can settle on just a couple thousand.

Erin needs to decide if she should try to work things out with her very hot husband, or get it on with the very hot neighbor.
Is this an episode of Desperate Housewives I'm not familiar with? Because you know it's only on TV where both the neighbor and the husband are hot.

Erin needs a makeover!
You know, I'd really appreciate it if one of my friends would just tell me instead of letting me walk around like it's 1990 and letting me believe big bangs are still in.

Erin needs to roll 3 dice, one for each point of wisdom.
And then I really need to get going because I'm going to be late to my medieval reenactment club meeting.

Erin needs to be more famous
Because clearly, I'm not famous enough.

Erin needs an exorcism, no?
So this is what it feels like to be possessed.

Erin needs to wear shirts
Well damn it! Here's another opportunity for my friends to step up and let me know that it's just not acceptable to go topless! Some friends...

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