Thursday, March 31, 2005

Sometimes, I just don't get people....

Yesterday I had to call Animal Cruelty because some fucktard decided to chain their obviously unfed dog up outside and I happened to notice it. I’m telling you this dog didn’t look like it had eaten in weeks. Ridiculous. Seriously people, if you can’t afford to feed it, don’t freaking get an animal! It was a pit bull which some people equate with power but when your sickly looking pit bull can’t sit down because it hurts the bones that are practically sticking through it’s skin it doesn’t exactly convey a sense of power now does it?

Sometimes I feel more for animals than I do for people because most of the time people can do something about the situation they’re in and animals, more often than not, can’t. Anyway, that was a fun little ordeal.

On a much lighter and more cheerful note, I was googling yesterday (because my days have officially gotten so boring than I must google to keep myself entertained) and I, for the sheer curiosity of it, googled Skein Street. Do you know what I found? I found a link to a city council type document and it mentions a Skein Street. What’s this, there’s a real life Skein Street out there? And here I thought I was being original when I thought up a name for my blog! Ha! Apparently not. This particular document that I found was talking all about the placement of public toilets and that they thought a good location for one was on the corner of Skein Street. Weird, no? And would you like to know where in the world Skein Street is located? It’s in Aberdeen, Scotland. Maybe when I go to England I’ll take a little trip over there and have my picture taken under the Skein Street sign. Paassha! Ok folks, I’m cheezy, I’m just not that cheezy!

Speaking of England its t-minus 12 days and counting till I get on the plane and head over there! Can you believe it? I swear it felt like it was a long ways away and here it’s practically running me over! Good thing I’ve already bought the yarn for the project I want to work on. I find it funny that the first thing I thought about bringing was a knitting project so that I can knit on the plane and on the trains and in the Chunnel (cool huh? I’m taking the Chunnel to France!). I wasn’t thinking about clothes to wear, I wasn’t thinking about my camera, I wasn’t thinking about the fact that my hair dryer won’t work with the English electrical system…I was thinking about knitting. It’s a disease, one that there’s no cure for and I’ve come to accept that.

And while we’re talking about knitting, I’m nearly finished with Retro Prep attempt #2. Only a little bit of the neck shaping left, then I have to knit the collar and bind off the underarms and I’m finished. Except for the blocking, of course. And the sewing in ends. I chose not to think about the steps that don’t involve actual knitting. I’m a rebel like that…

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