Thursday, March 17, 2005

Happy St. Patty's Day!

I hope everyone is having as exciting a holiday as I am. Of course I'm being entirely sarcastic. I'm just finding that I'm not getting into this holiday. You can tell I'm not. I'm wearing purple, mainly because I forgot it was St. Patrick's Day. Obviously the spirit of the Irish decided to pass me by this year. I think this partly has to do with having to be at work all day, and by the time the work day is over I'm going to be tired and I won't feel up for celebrating. And now that I think about it, celebrating is not such a good idea when I have a concert tomorrow night. I can just imagine trying to sing feeling as wonderful as I'm sure I'd feel having spent the night celebrating Irish-style.

That is perfectly alright though. I'll be home enjoying some much needed free time. I'll probably throw in a movie tonight and spin or knit. Though I've gotten to the point where the things I'm knitting are just not inspiring me anymore. Basically I'm knitting in the round and that means all knitting all the time. No cool pattern to follow, just knitting. It's ok in it's own right when you have a really complicated project that you're working on as well, everyone needs a mindless project every now and then, but right now both of my projects are plain knitting in the round.... boring...

I also think that part of it is I'm more used to knitting projects in pieces where there are definite progress indicators. For instance, you finish the front, then you finish the back then you finish one sleeve, then the other. With this stinking in the round stuff it just seems endless. Ok, maybe that's enough venting for me.

Some of you asked where the pattern for that blue sweater is from and it's in the fall 2002 Interweave knits. It's the same magazine that the Retro Prep is in. I'd just thought I'd throw that in here somewhere.

Oh! I have some exciting news that has definitely lifted my spirits from this funk. I talked to a college roommate of mine who lives in VA. Back in the day I taught her how to knit and she's never looked back! Anyway, we were talking about possibly getting together soon and through all this talking we've planned on me flying down there for Memorial Day for the three day weekend! How exciting is that??? And you know what else? D is coming with me!

We were even talking about some of the things we're going to do when we're down there and you know what we came up with? Check out this bad boy! That's right, we're planning on going to King's Dominion! I haven't been to that amusement park since I was probably about 11 years old, and I remember having so much fun! Hell, I haven't ridden a roller coaster since I was in high school and used to love, love, love roller coasters!

So, needless to say, with the Europe trip coming up and a trip to VA, I'm pretty eager for spring to come!


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um said...

hi there, erin! i hope your knitting gets inspiring for you soon. i know that in the round can be pretty dull, but it sure makes for great movie and tv watching!

your trip to see your friend sounds like it's going to be a great time! let the countdown begin!