Friday, March 25, 2005

Milestone Weekend Part III

I hope you all are ready for the final installment of Milestone Weekend. Some might say I saved the best for last, but I'd say the whole damn weekend was great!

On to Part III

I had the sneaking suspicion that I was one of those ultimate enablers. After all, I've taught roommates, aunts, nephews, brothers, mothers and pretty much everyone in between to knit. I loved teaching them because then they'd understand just a little bit why I'm so obsessed with knitting. It's a hard thing to explain to someone, better to show them. But there was one person that has always eluded me in my quest to teach everyone to knit and that was the boyfriend. Quite an elusive creature, I tell you. They'll stare for hours at your fingers working intricately on something as plain as stockinette stitch, but they'll never ask you to teach them.... That is, until now!

I finally taught D how to knit. And you know what? I think he's hooked, and quite proud of his neon orange swatch!

He is ambitious too! Would you like to see what he wants to do for his first project? Something like this. We scoured a bunch of my knitting magazines to find a sweater that really popped out at him, but unfortunately a lot of them were a little too "loud" for his taste. I never really noticed how hard it is to find decent sweater patterns for men. All we were coming across were Aran cable patterns or fairisle or weird necklines. There just don't seem to be a bunch of simple, plain sweater patterns for guys. However, the sweater from knitty is definitely a contender for his first project. We'll see if we come across any others that suit his tastes.

I'm so excited for him!

There you have it, now you know all of the "firsts" (get those minds out of the gutter!) that happened last weekend. It was definitely one of the more eventful weekends that I've had.

This week however, has been less than eventful. The only thing that happened was the fact that I got sick around Tuesday and ended up staying home on Thursday which pretty much consisted of me lying on the couch, watching movies and eating soup all day. Oh yeah, and using up a box of tissues. I'm feeling slightly better today, but definitely not 100%. Bring on a weekend of relaxation cause I'm gonna need it!

By the way, you still have a shot at the dyed roving if you're interested. The drawing will be this weekend and I'll reveal the winner on Monday. Good luck!

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