Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Milestone Weekend Part II

I know your hearts have been aflutter with anticipation of what other milestones (I'm cautious to use the word "first" now) happened last weekend. Your wait is over! I present Milestone Weekend Part II.

As many of you know D and I have gone bowling several times now, and each time I have tried to break 100. Well, I finally did it! It's quite a dramatic tale (more like melodramatic, but whatever). I was determined to do it. It was now or never. I strapped on those purdy shoes and stepped up to the ball return. I lifted my 8 pound ball (had I found a 7 pound ball with finger holes large enough I would definitely have chosen that one!) and I bowled the best game of my life! Did I mention I'm a complete weakling when it comes to bowling? My best game is usually my first game, then my arm gets tired and my fingers can't grip the ball well anymore, hence the dropping of the ball on the foot. Anyway...

Not only did I break 100, I blew 100 right out of the water!

116! Yeah baby!!!!

And not only did I blow that 100 right out of the water, but I also beat D!

I have a sneaking suspicion he let me win, remember when he had a score of 197, I even think he broke 200 at one point. You just don't go from getting consistently high scores to getting below 100. But hey, I was pretty happy, so I suppose I don't mind.

I got the 116 in my first game of the night.... I then went on to play quite craptastically the rest of the evening. That was fine. I got my 100, I'm all good!

In a totally unrelated story, I'd like to introduce you to my new purse:

In a moment of complete silliness I named it Pursey, not to be confused with Percy. Percy is a guys name, my purse is most definitely not masculine in any way.

I think it's my most favorite purse to date, and I'm not a huge accessory type person. Usually any old purse will do, but I became enamored with it the moment I spotted it! And at 30% off, you can't go wrong.

Yet another installment of Milestone Weekend to come... Stay Tuned!

Don't forget, if you'd like a shot at that dyed roving, let me know! The contest is on until Friday!

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