Monday, March 28, 2005

And the winner is.....

Keri!!! Hope you enjoy that beautiful roving. It's gonna be hard to part with it, but my mother always taught me that it's better to share!

I was going to take pictures of me pulling the name out of the hat, etc, but I didn't get home until late last night and sleep seemed a little more important at the time. Though ironically enough I didn't get much sleep because the cats decided they wanted to play all over my bed, while I was trying to sleep in it, pretty much all night long. I'm trying to remember the good things about having cats but they seem to be slipping my overly-tired brain at the moment.

D and I had a wonderful weekend. Saturday we bought him yarn for his new sweater. Despite the fact that he would have done wonderfully on the Knitty sweater pattern, we decided to go with something a bit simpler. If you scroll down to the bottom, the sweater name is Pete. I also think the fact that it's on size 11's and will work up relatively quickly helps. Gotta love big needle projects.

He's doing very well, by the way. Though I thought he might be concentrating a little too hard on the K2, P2 rib when I noticed the sweat starting to bead on his forehead. I had to assure him that he wasn't going to break anything if he messed up, that's the beautiful thing about knitting, completely fixable depending on how willing you are to rip. Which he did end up doing at one point. His tension was really loose so he ripped out the first five rows that he did. I think he's back to where he was and maybe a row or two more now, with much better tension. Woohoo for the new knitter!

We spent some of the weekend out in Rochester at his parents house. His mom was incredibly sweet and bought me Easter presents. She gave me some of my favorite teas and a very cute mug. Mom's are great aren't they? And I got to meet his grandparents and one of his aunts, all of whom were equally impressed that D was knitting.

His family is a lot like mine when it comes to big family dinners. Lots of food, good conversation (though theirs steered in the direction of brothels and hitch hiking; how it got there, we're still unsure, but it was funny none the less) and they had the game on in the background. Instead of the traditional Thanksgiving football, they had the Easter basketball. Too funny.

So that was my weekend. Nice and relaxing, a lot of knitting done, a lot food eaten. I'd say that was a weekend well spent. Congrats again to Keri!

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