Friday, March 10, 2006

I live in a fantasy land.

I think most knitters do. You see, we sometimes greatly overestimate the time we can spend knitting. We put off things that we'd otherwise get done were it not for the draw of some new and exciting project. But here's the problem, our time management skills, though great compared to some, may not allow for those things we've put off until eventually they come and bite us in the ass.

Oh no, I haven't been bitten in the ass.... yet.... But I'm constantly turning around to check and see if something is poised and ready, teeth barred, mouth open in the classic ass-biting position. Why you ask? Well, despite being so busy I can barely keep up, I finished these:

They didn't quite make it knee-high, but they're close. And they're COMFORTABLE!!! The past two days I've worn my socks-that-will-not-be-named and these and my feet have never been so warm. I'm in love with this Knitpicks sock yarn. It's great.

Anyway, back to my fantasy land where I have decided, even though I have many school projects to work on, that I am going to start a sweater. After all, I only have a good month left where fuzzy, mohair/wool is suitable knitting. After that, the sweaty hands are a little more than I can handle.

Hey, did anyone see that little monster just now getting ready to bite my butt?

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