Monday, March 13, 2006

I did it.

I can't believe it. Let me explain...

Gabe suggested awhile ago that I should look into doing an internship at the Denver Zoo for the summer. Apparently he wants to see me for more than just a week at a time (go figure!) Almost immediately I shot down the idea because I could think of about a million reasons why that wouldn't work, all of them revolving around money. Not to mention I might not have a job when I get back. I hadn't really thought about it again until this past weekend.

I was talking with a roommate of mine and something about our conversation made the idea pop into my head again. And not only that, but it inspired me to look into it. So Saturday morning I used the wonderful, glorious internet to see what kind of internships the zoo has. I found out that they have paid interships!!! I immediately reworked my resume, wrote an awesome cover letter and e-mailed my professor to see if he would write me a letter of recommendation.

Apparently I really like to cut these things close because the deadline for applications is Wednesday! Nothing like doing it last minute huh? My professor was great and had his recommendation all set for me today. So I went to the post office and spent an obscene amount of money to send it all guaranteed next day delivery.

I did it. I sent them and it's in fates hands now. Wish me luck!

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