Friday, December 30, 2005

Mom's socks

So this year I was a little bit behind on my Christmas knitting. In fact, my dad did receive one finished sock and one half finished sock for a gift. I was even knitting on it Christmas morning before anyone woke up, but it still didn't get finished.

As for mom's present. First she got a Branching Out scarf I made way back in the summer. Second, she got two balls of yarn with an IOU for a pair of socks to be made out of the yarn! Erin's been a busy girl this Christmas season and really should be cut some slack. I really had no time to even start them and mom understood.

Well, this nice (or you could also call it mind-numbing) car ride from NY to NC has provided me with some excellent time to start on her socks. (Incidentally I finished my dad's socks on Christmas day).
I decided I really wanted to try Grumperina's Jaywalking socks, plus mom really liked the pattern, so I tried it. It's very easy and pretty quick. The only things I've changed, and am planning on changing for mom's socks is instead of knitting a heel flap and all that, I decided to make it a short-row heel. It's my favorite and it just tends to fit better. Also, mom seemed to think that the "seams" made by the pattern might be uncomfortable on the top of her foot while she wears shoes so I only did the pattern for the leg. It still looks cute I think.

By the way, the yarn is from KnitPicks. It's called Dancing and it's made out of cotton, wool, nylon and elastic. It's a bit stretchy and pretty easy to work with. I'm sure mom will love them when I'm finished. I think her favorite part is that they'll be machine washable! Anything to make life easier right?

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