Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Zoo Boo 2005

The Zoo Boo was a ton of fun this weekend! (I'll have to post pictures on Thurs. please be patient with me!)

My main concern when choosing a costume was, will it be able to fit over my coat? It wasn't that it was all that cold this weekend (in the 50's or so) but when you're outside for hours at a time in those tempertures, it can get a bit chilly. So I got myself a pair of butterfly wings that fit over the coat (but, incidentally didn't match the coat in any way) and a headband with antennae. Throw in a pair of my angora-lined mittens and I was good to go.

I wasn't all the certain of what I'd be doing exactly, but it turns out my job was to stand by the butterfly house and hand out candy. I had so much fun!

There has never been a Halloween in all of existence when I actually got to hand out candy to trick-or-treaters. My entire life, with every house I've lived in (which is only three, but still), there has always been a really long driveway leading up to my house. Even when my family and I lived in a neighborhood, we still had the longest driveway there. These long driveways of mine have always been lined with trees. You could say my family has always liked having their space and that always involved a long drive way and a lot of forest around it.

Now you can imagine the little kids with their buckets and bags, dressed in their best halloween costumes ready to trick-or-treat till their teeth fell out coming to my driveway with it's spooky forest and god knows what sort of unimaginable monsters in it. So, needless to say, I've never had a trick-or-treater (or their parents for that matter) brave enough to walk down to the house to ask for candy! This is somewhat a blessing in disguise because we never bought Halloween candy and therefore were never tempted to eat any of it. This was not the case on Saturday. I never want to see another piece of Halloween candy if I can at all help it.

Despite being tempted and giving in to the call of the candy, the part where I actually got to hand it out was great fun. Especially seeing what all the kids were dressed as and getting to act all excited about how scary, or pretty or cool their costumes were. That part was awesome. Oh and the babies all dressed up in costumes were almost as cute as my kitten picture....almost.

However, the kid that was the cutest wasn't cute because of his costume, but because of what he said. I was dutifully manning my post handing out candy, when this kid dressed up as a football player comes walking up to me. He must have been 8 or 9 years old. I looked at him and asked "Are you the quarterback?" thinking that the quarterback is the most glorified position so surely that's what he was. He looked at me quite confused, almost as if I were speaking another language, then his face abruptly changed as if he finally realized what I said and swiftly turned around and ran up to his mom where he said "Mom, I need a quarter for the candy!" We all had a good laugh when it was explained that I didn't ask him for a quarter, I asked him if he was the quarterback. Too funny!

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