Sunday, November 27, 2005

More fun than you can poke a stick at.

This past holiday extended weekend has been a blast. Not only did I get to sleep in, stuff my face and knit like crazy, but I got to have the most awesome behind-the-scenes tour of the Seneca Park Zoo by probably the funniest zookeeper known to man.

First off, the knitting. After I finished most of my schoolwork I did nothing but sit on my butt and knit. Friday was one of those marathon knitting days where I just put in movie after movie. Not only did I finish another pair of mittens (which I think I mentioned already), but I finished half a pair of mondo mittens too! Woohoo!
These are the pair I was telling you about. I finished them in just a few days. Don't ask me where I found the time because even I don't know that answer. It's pretty much a mystery.

I'm telling you, as soon as this Christmas knitting is over I am going to be so happy. Don't get me wrong, I love to knit things for other people, but I hate the pressure and having a deadline. No one to blame but myself of course, if I didn't want to knit things for people I wouldn't. Anyway, I'm just really looking forward to knitting a sweater. I haven't in a very long time, probably since the England sweater. That was back in April. Yikes.

So I also had a ton of fun on Saturday. Meet with my knitting buddy and we spent nearly the whole day knitting down at the coffee shop. Too fun. I love it down there. Then Saturday night a friend of mine from my class came down and we went to see that new movie Just Friends. I haven't laughed that hard a movie in such a long time! Sure it was completely unbelievable, but sometimes that's what makes movies good.

And today. Today was completely and utterly fun. Anytime I get to go behind the scenes anywhere is always a great time. First we got a tour of the zoo, complete with hysterical stories and anecdotes. Then we were given some behind the scenes looks at the wolves, mountain lions, polar bears, sea lions and penguins. Too damn cool. I can't upload all my pictures now because I'm working off of dial up (I know, stone-age right?) but I will show you this completely adorable picture of a baby penguin:

The zookeeper is checking to see if it's feet are developing properly, but it just wouldn't walk forward for him no matter how much he tried coaxing it! It's hard not to fall in love with these animals what with how fluffy and cute they are, but judging by the stories he was telling us about them, when they grow up they can bite, and bite hard. This picture is at a funny angle, but that's because the chick was literally by my feet so I could only really get a top-down shot of it. Still very cute.

Going to this zoo and getting a behind the scenes tour was a fantastic way to end my fantastic long weekend. I hope everyone's holiday (for those of you who had one this week) was as excellent as mine!

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