Sunday, November 06, 2005

The Best Dog in the World

First off, this isn't an obituary or anything, it's actually a story about the best dog in the world, who's name happens to be Shelby. Shelby is our family dog and she's the gentlest, most loving dog who's sole purpose in life is to make her people happy... and occassionally chase some squirrels. She rarely barks, doesn't growl unless she's playing tug-of-war with you and her only fault is that she begs for pizza crust, which she only does because she knows we'll give it to her.

This story is about something that happened this weekend that proves, yet again, that she is truly the best dog in the world. I had a ton of homework to do this weekend, which I was determined to finish by Saturday night. Luckily determination paid off this time and I did finish it by my deadline. So Sunday, I treated myself to a full day of relaxation made up of much neglected knitting and spinning.

I spent hours and hours doing nothing but sitting on my butt, watching movies while I alternated between spinning and knitting. Here's where this all ties into Shelby being the best dog in the world. I was spinning while sitting on the couch with my wheel in between the couch and the coffee table, which just happens to be a high traffic area for pets. On one occassion, Shelby actually tried to get through by squeezing herself through my treadling legs and the wheel. She decided that maybe that wasn't the best route to get to where she wanted to go so she gave up.

However, a little while later she tried again. I just kept spinning away, thinking that she'd give up again. She really looked like she had given up, but she just kept standing there with her head under the flyer. After a minute this seemed really odd to me so I stopped spinning and told her to go lie down. But she just stood there. Thinking that maybe she needed a little encouragement I pet on the head and told her what a silly dog she was being, and that's when I felt it...

While trying to get through while I was spinning, she managed to get a wad of her hair caught and I just kept spinning! To say I felt horrible would be the understatement of the year! I quickly grabbed the scissors and set her free... The reason I say she is the best dog in the world is that she just sat there, patiently waiting for me to realize that her hair was caught. She didn't yelp, she didn't bark or growl or act strange in any way other than just standing there. And then, once I'd cut her free she ran and got her rope toy so that we could play together. Honestly, in my eyes, she is the greatest dog in the entire world!

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