Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Fantabulous Weekend

It really was fantabulous, I wasn't lying about that!

First off, Saturday morning was spent knitting among friends, which I have to say, I love doing. I was working on my linen drape shell. I realized, at some point during all this knitting ( mind you, I'm half way finished the second side) that I just have a knack for picking colors that totally clash with my skin tone. I ask you, what's with that?

And so I present, what to do when you're down on your knitting luck...

What to do? Why, go to your favorite local yarn store with a couple of friends while the store is having it's annual 20% off sale, then you spend a couple hours decided what you think would work better for you and you buy it.

For me, it happened to be some Dale of Norway Svale that seemed to be the right color for my skin tone, and it was the right gauge for the project.

What to do with the nearly finished shell? Well, that's a little trickier. You finish it then try to dye it with some RIT dye. Even if it turns out the most horrid color you've ever seen, at least you had some fun with it right? Of course, this is all hypothetical and yet to be tried.

Then after that, if your spirits still aren't raised from the let down of finding out you have no sense of what colors work with you skin tone, I suggest you throw all that aside and head to a baseball game.

Granted, about halfway through the first inning, you realize that baseball just isn't your cup of tea, and the real reason why you came is that you just can't seem to resist the $4.50 nachos that you can buy at the concession stand. Plus, you didn't have any other plans for the evening so you thought, why not?

Lucky for you, you brought your knitting bag and, much to the suprise of those sitting around you, you decided to wip it out and start on another shell out of a yarn that works better with your skin tone.

And because your boyfriend is just the sweetest, he's willing to take a picture of you at the game, knitting away on your new project.

But he doesn't mind, because he's there with his buddies.
And even though they think it's kind of weird that you're knitting at a baseball game, they still think you're cool for even going.

At some point, you're going to find it kind of funny that the announcer said for everyone to stay alert while at the game because a foul ball can cause you injury if you're not careful. But you think it's ok, because everyone around you is paying attention (remember, they actually came to see the game, whereas you came to do some knitting) and they'll let you know that there's an incoming foul ball by acting crazy and jumping up out of their seats, thereby blocking you from said foul ball. Again, this is a hypothetical and probably won't happen.

And if that still doesn't cheer you up, what you really have to do is find a cat, one that's particularly cute and knows what buttons to push to make you melt. This cat, for instance, knows how cute it is. And it knows that you will run for the camera when it sits next to the fish bowl eyeing the fish, but when you retreive said camera, it will act as if it was never interested in them and that all it really wanted to do was take a little nap... Cat's are sneaky like that, you'd better watch out!

And if none of that helps, I really have nothing else for you. All I know, is it's what worked for me!

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