Monday, July 03, 2006

So much for that....

My last post showed progress on the front of the tank... now... there's negative progress. I ended up goofing up fairly consistently. The pattern called for me to decrease at each end of every 10th row five times. I've done this sort of thing countless times on many different sweaters and yet, I messed up by only decreasing at the beginning of the row. What amazed me was how many times I did that (which, by the way, was all but one... amazing) So I ripped... big time ripped. Pretty much pulled out the ball winder and ripped the whole thing apart. I did try to ladder down and fix the problem that way but it just ended up with crappy looking, loose stitches... cotton is so unforgiving.

Anyway, I'm back to where I first started messing up, which is still quite a bit farther back than I had gotten, hence the negative progress. Oh well.

As for the story about the frog. When Gabe's mom moved into her house (which was few years ago) his mom allowed one of Gabe's sisters to decorate the bathroom and she decided to decorate it all with frogs. Not those cutesy, country frogs... real frogs. They're everywhere; all over the bathroom. I decided, in my cross stitching delirium, that I wanted to stitch a frog for her for Christmas.

However, there was a problem... I searched everywhere only to find there are no cross stitch patterns for frogs, life-like or otherwise (unless I wanted those cutesy, country frogs, in which case, there was one pattern) So what did I do? I found the perfect picture of a frog... you gotta love google... and a computer program that turns pictures into cross stitch patterns. Eventually, the stitched frog will look like this...

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