Friday, July 07, 2006

Lots of zoo fun!

The last few days have been fun. My fourth of July was uneventful. I kind of like it that way. Sometimes it's nice just to have some downtime. The day after the fourth, Gabe took me to the zoo. We had a great time.
These peacocks were all over the zoo, I swear they must have had at least twenty or thirthy of them! There was the baby giraffe that I fell totally in love with!There were tons of these little guys running all over the zoo, grabbing food that was more than likely thrown from strollers by little people.Gabe had his own little "wildlife encounter" with one of them. They were just starring at each other for awhile. Pretty cute if you ask me...The baby gorilla was absolutely adorable and I finally got a good picture of it! This little guy was super cute. What can I say? I just love baby animals!

So we had a pretty great time. It was fun to see all the kids get so excited about the animals. That was really great.

Now for the knitting-related content. I finally got somewhere with the front of the tank. In fact, I'm about where I need to be to start the shaping for the top.

I'm definitely glad that ripping it out didn't hinder me too badly. It's actually a pretty quick knit once I actually pulled myself away from the cross stitch for more than two seconds! In fact, I haven't touched the cross stitch too much recently. I've been tank top crazy instead! I really want to get it finished so I can wear it before the summer ends!

Oh and sometime during these past few days I went to the lys here and gave in to KPPPM...

This stuff makes me want to drool. It's so nice and I just love the color variegation. We'll see if it's going to be my next project or if it goes to the stash because I'm actually starting to think about Christmas presents already (mainly because I know that once school starts up again, I really won't have too much time to work on anything!) I may not be able to resist though... we'll see...

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