Friday, June 30, 2006

It's back!!!!

My obsession for knitting has returned full force. I suppose going to a stitch and bitch can do that to a person! It was a lot of fun, and, as always, I felt completely welcome among fellow knitters.

The obsession has returned so much that I was able to finish the back of the tank:

Not only that, but yesterday I did nothing but work on the front until I had to go to work. I've made some pretty serious progress there too!

I'm so excited for how this is turning out. I can't wait to finish it so I can try it on!

I was telling Gabe I could have been finished at least two of these tanks if it wasn't for my other obsession with cross stitch. My obsession there is not over though. Just on hold. I didn't want to show pictures of what I'm working on until it actually started to look like what it's going to be.

I'll let everyone guess (though you probably don't even need to guess) and next time I'll tell you the story behind it and why I'm making it!

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