Sunday, May 28, 2006

I've been seduced by the dark side... of crafting that is

I've been a busy girl! Hard to believe now that school has ended, but I've still been busy. I suppose the difference is I've been busy with fun things. Like finishing up this:

Can you believe it? I've finished Gabe's sweater before he will even be here (another 3 days!!!!) Now I have a bit of a conundrum.... when do I give it to him? His birthday was in February and I'm not sure if I can wait until Christmas. I was thinking I'd bring it along with me to Colorado and give it to him right before I leave, but I really don't know. Any suggestions?

Some other things I've been busy with are working and going to the park. I love going to the park. Now that the weather is nice it's so refreshing to get outside. The other day my roommate and I took her turtle to the park and let him run free for a little while. His name is Pewee and he's super cute. Especially when he gets going. We've all heard turtles are slow, but not him. When he wants to he can really book it!

I have to admit something. I've been busy with something else too. I have been seduced by another craft. I know... I should have started another knitting project when I was finished with Gabe's sweater.... I even bought the yarn to start it.... but while I was at the craft store... well... I happened to walk into another aisle and... well.... I haven't put this down since...
I haven't done cross-stitch in so long and I can't even tell you what made me want to do it again. I suppose maybe the fact that I'm going to be in the car for close to 24 hours might have something to do with it. A girl needs a bit of variety, you know!

I'm sure there will be knitting in my future, but as for now, I just can't get enough of the cross-stitch.

So there are three days until Gabe gets here. Once he does get here, it's going to be crazy busy until I get to CO. I may not get a chance to blog in between. I'll try, but I can't guarantee anything. What I can guarantee is that I'll have some awesome pictures to show you once I do finally get a chance to blog!

I suppose that's it for now. If anyone has any suggestions as to when I should give him his sweater, I'd love to hear them!

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