Thursday, May 04, 2006

It's gonna be a busy summer... for knitting that is

Despite my crazy schedule, despite my crazy workload and despite the restlessness, I decided to reward myself. This is mainly because I finished one of my projects in record time. (For some reason I thought it would take me a lot longer). It felt so good crossing that off of the list I have. As I was looking at my list I realized that I only have two more things to do. One paper, which I'm already more than halfway finished with and a very quick project. I can tell you the weight of all this work I have to do lifted quite a bit with that realiztion!

So last night I knit.... and knit... and finished the back of Gabe's sweater...

The color definitely isn't right in this picture, it's not as grey as it looks here. It's slightly more chestnut.

I love this type of knitting sometimes... mindless. Exactly what I need right now. So I knit and watched some TV, talked with Gabe (which, by the way, makes me more and more excited about going out there with all the things he's talking about wanting to do!), and I didn't worry a bit about the last couple of assignments that need finishing.

Then today I rewarded myself again. With these:

With summer coming and no real projects in mind, I had to do something! There are definitely quite a few patterns in that IK that I'm planning on making. I was surprised because a lot of times there are only one or two things I like, but this one kept surprising me.

Here are the ones that I like:

I'd better get to knitting huh?

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