Sunday, April 23, 2006

Two and a half more weeks...

You might wonder what's been going on with me and well... I wonder the same thing. When I think about last week all it seems to be filled with is working, studying and bird watching. The bird watching is because I have to have 14 hours worth of bird observations in by the end of the semester and I only have two and a half more weeks left to do it.

Two and half more weeks... It feels so good to say that I only have two and half more weeks left of school. Of course this brings the realization that I only have two and half more weeks to get all my assignments finished. This includes a research paper that I haven't even thought about starting. My problem is finding the time. For me, I have to sit down with a nice chunk of time with no other obligations before I can start a paper and all I seem to have is a couple hours here and there. Usually once classes end I have a couple of hours until I have to go to work... Definitely not conducive to getting a research paper written.

I haven't even had any time to knit very much on Gabe's sweater. For those of you who asked, the pattern is called Castaway and it's in Rowan magazine number 30. It's always been my experience when knitting for men the more basic the sweater, the better. Most guys aren't interested in bells and whistles. Classic is best.

So I've been swamped up to my eyeballs with school work, I've been waitressing non-stop it seems, and I've had no time to knit... what the heck keeps me going? It's the conversations with Gabe on the phone, planning what we're going to do when we finally get to be together over the summer. He plans to take me rock climbing. We had a thorough discussion as to my safety (I'm not an adrenaline junkie, so the safer the better).

He wants to take me up to the flatirons (I think that's what he called them) so that I can watch the eagles and hawks fly up on the thermals. I have to say, since taking this ornithology class, I'm much more interested in bird watching than I used to be. And it's really kind of nice to hear he's willing to fuel that interest.

Pretty much the thought of seeing him everyday is really keeping me going. It makes the school work and the work work not seem so bad at all....

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