Tuesday, April 18, 2006

I am a project tramp.

It's true. There was that purple sweater that I started. It lost it's flare quickly to a pair of green socks. Those green socks did entertain me for a short while. Not long enough for me to finish them. Such is the way of being a tramp because when something like this:

arrives on your doorstep you're pretty much obligated to cheat on the projects you have going for something new and exciting.

To be honest, most of it is mom's. She wanted me to order it for her. Not only that, but she wanted me to knit most of it for her. Most of it is yarn for some cool fairisle socks. But some of it is for me and that, my friends, is what I cheated on my green socks for.

This 100% baby alpaca, simply irresistible yarn is going to one day be a sweater for Gabe. He picked the pattern and he even picked the yarn. He's actually very excited about it. So he knows he's getting a sweater, but he doesn't know when. Christmas is so far away, but this yarn is so hard to resist. I had to start it.

Did I mention we had a field trip on Monday to Montreal? Well, let me tell you, that definitely gave me some excellent time to sit and knit (and cheat on my green socks). I'm already about 10 inches into the body and it's on size 6's.

This picture actually makes it look a lot lighter than it actually is, but let me tell you it's gorgeous and it feels great. He's going to love it.

As for the field trip, we went to the Biodome in Montreal. It was actually very cool. It had four different ecosystems and you had to walk through each of them. It was definitely a bit of a shock to walk through a tropical rainforest and then go through a temperate forest in early spring!

Here's a slideshow of the trip. I got the idea from Grace . She had an awesome slideshow and I thought that would be a really cool idea rather than upload a whole ton of pictures! By the way, you can make your own slideshow at Imageshack.

Edited to add: Having a bit of trouble with the slideshow, if you want to view it, you can go here.

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