Friday, February 03, 2006

Can we say busy?

Yes, I've been busy. And really, the word 'busy' wouldn't really even begin to describe it. I've had four quizzes this week. Not just those dinky little 'I-really-don't-need-to-study-for-this-quiz' kind of quiz, but full blown mini-tests. Next week is looking to be about the same. I already have three quizzes lined up for next week, we'll see if a fourth one gets thrown in there.

Also, I've been working. Great for the checkbook, not so great for my 'free' time. I say 'free' time, but what I really mean is time I should be studying. My usual day consists of me going to class until noon or 1, then a couple hours later I have to head off to work. One might consider that time in between as down time, but not me. It's the time I get to study for the quiz I have the next day. This is mainly because when I get home from work I'm so tired the only thing I can even contemplate doing is changing into my pj's, possibly knitting a row or two, and going to bed.

Throw in a little volunteering and you see why my week has been one of the busiest I think I've ever had. The days are flying by in no time flat. Before I know it I'll be in Colorado! By the way, I only have to wait two more weeks until I get on that plane and go. Considering how quickly these past two weeks have gone, I'll be there before I know it.

Despite being insanely busy I have been knitting. I'm still working on the socks that won't be named, though I came across a bit of a snag after I turned the heel. Turns out what I thought was loose enough, really, really wasn't. It's the same problem I had the first time. Rather than take it out, I decided to try a little experiment. First I tried it on one needle size bigger, which only produced a sock so huge a troll could fit its foot into it. Then I tried it on the same size I'd used on the first one, but consciously thought with every stitch "LOOSEN UP!" That seemed to do the trick.
Here's a side by side image. Both are knit on size 1 needles. The one on the right is the tight one and the one on the left is just right. You can see how differently the stripe pattern turned out on both of them. I think on the first one I was so concerned with getting the stripe pattern to look good, that I wasn't really paying any attention to the fact that my foot would have to shrink a couple sizes to fit into it.

All's well now though and I think I may actually have this first (read: third attempt, but first of the pair) sock finished by the end of the weekend. Don't quote me on that though!

We took a trip out to my friend's parent's house a couple nights ago. Their dog just had puppies a month ago. Ummm, can you say cute? They were flopping all over the place. It was too adorable. There were nine puppies total. it seemed that everywhere you looked there were little white fluffballs. As much as I wanted to take one home, I knew that the apartment is not only too small for this type of dog (they get pretty huge judging by the size of their parents) but neither me nor my roommates have the time to take care of a puppy.

A cat, however.... well, you're just going to have to wait for that story...

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