Sunday, February 05, 2006


Well, I promised you a story about a cat...

Everyone, I'd like you to meet Ludo.

Last week my roommates and I decided we couldn't live without a cat. We went to the SPCA on Thursday, but didn't end up taking this bundle of love home until Saturday. I have to tell ya, it nearly broke my heart to go there and see all those animals, the majority of which were incredibly sweet and deserving of a loving home.

Lucky for Ludo we showed up. He's two years old (approx.) and found as a stray by a woman who, just the week before, adopted a cat from the SPCA. I'm thoroughly convinced that he was raised in a home and someone either threw him out or he ran away. What leads me to believe this is I have never seen a cat so well adjusted to being in a totally new home and who loves people as much as he does. And when I say he loves people, I mean he LOVES people. He doesn't care who you are, if you pet him, you're his new best friend.

I'm quite sure he has Maine Coon in him judging by his big mane, big body, long whiskers and ear tufts. Not to mention he has such a laid back personality. He's just a big lover and I'm so happy we have him.

We named him Ludo after that big furry monster in Labyrinth. You remember that 80's movie with David Bowe. I used to watch that movie all the time when I was a kid. One of my roommates had never seen it and last week we ended up watching it. Well, the name Ludo stuck out and it seems to be a great name for our new cat.

Here's another great picture of him. You can really see his mane in this one, and his beautiful green eyes. As you can see, he's totally made himself at home. No hiding under a bed for him. He's only been here for two days and if you didn't know any better you'd think that he's lived here his entire life.

In fact, he's sleeping on my bed as I write this. *Sigh* I love having a cat around. Any stress I had is non-existent at this point. I've just now realized the keys to a stress-free life:

Knitting & Cats.

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