Monday, February 13, 2006

It's nearly here!

I feel like all I've been doing is apologizing for how busy I've been. But it's true. I'm busy. So busy, in fact, I'm almost to the point of breaking down. Thank all that is holy this coming Friday I will be on a plane to Colorado for 5 glorious school/work free days. Of course, I have 5 quizzes and a test before that sweet day, not to mention three more nights of work.

You may have guessed that I haven't been able to do much knitting. I haven't been able to do any knitting and I'm thinking I won't until I'm sitting on the plane. Then I can knit. Zero interruptions, just knitting.

Nothing much else to report other than we took Ludo to the vet last week and besides some ear mites, he's as healthy as can be. I have to say I've never seen a cat so relaxed in the car. On the way out there he was only mildly nervous, but on the way back...

Yeah, he was totally asleep.

Never in my life have I met such a laid back cat.

There probably won't be any more updates before Colorado, so I'll be catching you up when I get back!

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