Sunday, June 12, 2005

Here's the rundown...

So why have I come into having such a wonderful, beautiful, eco-friendly, dream-come-true car? Well, the story goes a little something like this.

Last Monday morning I was driving to work in the (uh-hem, never to be mentioned again) Jeep. As always, I was about to pull into the driveway of work when the engine cut out. That's right, cut out right in the middle of a four-lane highway. I knew at that point it was bad. Worse-than-it's-ever-been bad. By some stroke of luck the road wasn't very busy and I was able to coast the hunk of junk Jeep into the driveway. At that point I was thinking S*%#! That's right, S*%# with a capital 'S'.

By some other stroke of luck (perhaps the god of old, rusty, broken down cars was smiling upon me) I was able to start it up again. I immediately called up everyone who could help me with the problem (read: I called D and asked him to go car shopping with me).

By Tuesday I was signing the papers, leaving a deposit and having my baby Honda Certified. Oh, and I was still driving the Jeep at that point. Apparently, as hard as you try, you can't kill them. And believe me, it sure seemed like I was killing it on the drive home on Wednesday. I was stuck in construction for a hour while it and myself were baking in the 90 degree weather.

I (again) managed to get it to where I needed to go, namely home. But this time I was only able to get it to the top of the driveway before it konked out. There I was at the top of the driveway, did I mention my driveway is a quarter mile long? Only this time when it konked out there were noticeable problems. Say steam pouring out of the hood and radiator fluid pouring out of the engine. I decided it was a gorgeous day to walk home.

Miraculously the Jeep made it to the dealer's on Friday where I traded her in. How she made it that far I'll never know. I have a surprising sense of loss for that old car, she treated me well for the time that I had her. She got me out of some bad situations and put me into a couple as well. It seems strange to feel loss for something like that car. I was nervous driving it. I never felt all that safe in it, why should I feel like it died or something? Who knows?

I can tell you one thing... It felt so good driving my new baby off the lot and taking her home...

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