Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Hello, my name is Erin and I'm a fiberholic...

This weekend Beth , my mom and I went to a spin-in at a winery about an hour away. What's that you say? Fiber and wine, together? Why yes. I know...it's too good to be true.

I tell you it was like a mini Rhinebeck (and when I say mini Rhinebeck I mean mini) Here are some of the vendors...

Actually, aside from the two people inside the winery selling fiber, these were the only vendors! But what they had was lovely.

This is where everyone sat under a tent and spun for as long as they could stand the heat.

Notice the lack of spinner. I must have taken this when everyone was up for a cold drink break. I was particularly impressed by the sheer variety of wheels there. Plus, someone was kind enough to let me try out their wheel. It was huge compared to my little kiwi and it was custom made (selling for around $1500-1700...yikes!), but it was definitely a treat to try and spin with it.

When the heat finally got to me (read: When I finally felt so disgusting by the lack of evaporation my sweat was doing) we decided to take off. But don't think I left empty handed....

The red is a half pound of wool that is the most gorgeous color. The camera didn't pick up the orange throughout it. The green on the left is a pound of merino and mohair and the green on the right is merino and tussah silk (*drool*) Then the white is a few ounces of bleached tussah silk to mix with other fibers.

I'd say I made out pretty well. In fact, I started spinning up some of the red when I was there. And as predicted, the minute I got home I plopped right in front of my wheel and spun some more.

You can see a little bit of the orange in this picture.

I tell you, I am such an addict when it comes to this fiber stuff. Are their classes or support groups I can go to for this disease?

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