Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Going Green

I've been trying to think of what my next post was going to be about, mainly because I haven't taken any knitting related pictures recently. (Though on a sidenote, I have finished the mittens and all that needs to be done are the linings and I'm making progress on the baby blanket. I promise I'll take pictures soon) It finally hit me today what to write about.

Ever since I read that Jane Goodall book, I've been feeling like I need to make more of a difference in the world. It's somewhat daunting because you think "how much of a difference can one person make?" Well, I've started reading another of her books The Ten Truths. The more I read it, the more certain I am that I can make a difference, starting with the way that I eat.

All the research I've done recently has shown me what a difference it makes to just bite the bullet and go vegetarian. It's less of an environmental impact, it wastes less energy, I'll save some animal suffering somewhere and maybe the most selfish reason is I won't have a guilty conscience. It's easy to turn a blind eye and say "I really don't want to think about it" and continue living my life the way I always have, but that does no one any good.

I know it's going to be tough for me. I do have willpower and I know I can do it, but it going to be difficult when I don't have much of a support group for it. My brother is vegetarian, so at least I have one person, but my parents aren't (though I think my brother paved the way for me there). I think my biggest challenge is going to be the people who don't understand why I'm doing it. The one's who look at me funny when I mention it, and the ones who try to tell me it's unhealthy (where all my research has suggested otherwise) and then I get the ones who think I'm a crazy PETA person. Part of me wants to give in and join the crowd, but then I realize I've never really been one to join the crowd so I try to ignore it.

This is a decision I had to come to on my own. I think I always knew I'd eventually do this anyway and have been avoiding it because of all the things I'd have to give up. Like tacos. I love tacos! Especially with the crunchy shells because I like to crush them up and make a taco salad out of all the fixings. Well, you know what? I found out today that they make mock-burger! And I know for a fact it tastes kind of like burgers. Maybe this won't be as hard as I imagined.

I'll step down off my soap box now. I just thought I'd let you all know because if knitters are one thing, they're supportive!

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