Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Not my idea of a good time...

This is just a warning in advance. I have not had even a small amount of time to blog or to read anyone else's blogs. I've been leaving comments here and there, but I haven't had any time to really delve into my blogging time like I used to.... Reason? Well, as we all know, my job is slightly boring and on off times when I have to save myself work just so I'll have something to do the next day, I'll go online, catching up on blogs. Unfortunately, this week I've been training my replacement.... not only have I been training my replacement, but it has also fallen upon me to train another person.

Do you happen to remember me mentioning the person I worked with originally and that she left? This was only about two months ago or so. Since then, a new person came. She was trained in just fine, she did the job relatively decently. The only problem I found was we didn't get along so well, but that really didn't matter because I knew I'd be going to a part time position during school.

The week before my vacation this new person, who's only been working in that position for a month, lets keep in mind, announced to everyone that she was putting in her two weeks notice. She apparently decided to only do one week because when I came back from vacation, she wasn't there.

So here I am, training two people in a department. So needless to say I have very little time to catch up on my blogging. I'll try my best to get around to reading everyone's blogs, but if I don't, you know why. I hope everyone has a good week.

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