Monday, August 08, 2005

Enough Branching Out already!

I must say, lazy weekends are the best and sometimes you get lucky and they're the most productive as well. I can't say I necessarily did a lot this weekend, but I did get a lot done. Mainly, I didn't do much besides knitting.

Last weekend I finished these.

And I'm sure you all know, that when I say finished I mean the knitting part is done. I never, ever count sewing in ends. And please, ignore if you can, my pastey, white, slightly blinding legs. Me and the sun have never gotten along.

On top of these being finished, I've also finished and blocked yet another Branching Out scarf. Something clicked with me this weekend (perhaps it's the fact that I've spent an ungodly amount of time knitting these stinking scarves) and I was able to finally understand the lace pattern to the point where I could knit it without concentrating so much on the pattern. And I was able to fix the mistakes without ripping back. And I was able to knit while watching TV, talking to people and otherwise be distracted from the pattern. It was good people, it was really good.

I love blocking these lacy scarves because the pattern really shows when the stitches aren't all bunched up. Of course, the real challenge was trying to keep the animals off it while it dried. I suppose, to them, anything on the floor is free game.

In fact, it seems, even things that aren't on the floor are free game as well. For instance, a hank of the alpaca/wool to make another scarf is perfectly acceptable to them as fodder for their games. I'd like to know how an animal such as my cat has the ability to get into a sealed ziploc bag and do this to a most precious skein of wool...

This is a serious offense. One that I wouldn't take lightly if I were the cat in question. And what's more is, it wasn't even a skein. A skein would have been slightly better because it would at least resemble itself and may even been easier to untangle. But a hank? A hank that has never even been unwrapped???? Now that is serious.

But does the offender care?

I think not...

And the victims? Well, they just have to move on with their lives. I, myself have moved on. Though many hours of my life were spent untangling the mess this cat has made (ok, so I exaggerate, it probably didn't take me more than a few minutes, but dramatic effect had to be made)

In fact, I've moved on and started yet another Branching Out scarf.

This one is just flying off the needles. And I owe that all the the unfathomable amounts of time that I was allowed to spend on it this weekend.

On Tuesday I'm going down to Deep Creek, MD for our annual family vacation. Unfortunately I have to wait until Tuesday because there are things at work that I need to finish up, vacation time that I didn't have and needed to plea for, etc. and I am supremely jealous of my parents who left on Saturday morning. Here I'm left caring for the animals in a big empty house thinking about all the fun my entire family (aunts, uncles, cousins, grandmother) is having without me. It's alright though, such is the price I pay for using up my two weeks worth of vacation to go to England. I'd say it was worth it.

I hope everyone has a great week and an even better weekend. See you next Monday!

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